Presenting the IBM of Personnal Computers

IBM is proud to announce a product you may have a personal interest in. Its a tool that could soon be on your desk, in your home or in your child’s schoolroom. It can make a surprising difference in the way you work, learn or otherwise approach the complexities (and some of the simple pleasures) of living.

The IBM 8088 Personnal Computer
An IBM old commercial Ads for the new 8088 PC

















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Its the computer we’re making for you. In the past 30 years, the computer has become faster, smaller, less complicated and less expensive. And IBM has contributed heavily to that evolution. Today, we’ve applied what we know to a new product we believe in: the IBM Personal Computer.

It’s a computer that has reached a truly personal scale in size and in price: starting at less than $l,600 for a system that, with the addition of one simple device, hooks up to your home TV and uses your audio cassette recorder.

For flexibility, performance and ease of use, no other personal computer offers as many advanced features to please novice and expert alike (see the box). Features like high resolution color graphics. Ten, user-defined function keys. The kind of expandability that lets you add a printer for word processing, or user memory up to 256KB.

Or BASIC and Pascal languages that let you write your own programs. And a growing list of superior programs like VisiCalc,™ selected by IBM to match the quality and thoughtfulness of the system s total design. This new system will be sold through channels which meet our professional criteria: the nationwide chain of 150 ComputerLand® stores, and Sears Business Systems Centers.

Of course, our own IBM Product Centers will sell and service the system. And the IBM Data Processing Division will serve those customers who want to purchase in quantity. Experience the IBM Personal Computer. You’ll be surprised how quickly you feel comfortable with it. And impressed with what it can do for you.

The very good 8088 from IBM PC
Some specificities that make all 1982 computer users dreaming.













When IBM built their newest toolbox, they came to Microsoft for tools.

Leadership. When the world’s leading computer manufacturer decided to enter the microcomputer world, they came to the leaders in microcomputer software: Microsoft. In fact today, Microsoft has provided more software tools for the IBM Personal Computer than any other software manufacturer.

Start with MS-DOS™. When IBM chose the primary operating system for the IBM Personal Computer, they chose MS-DOS. They call it PC-DOS. It’s a powerful, yet easy to use and understand operating system. And all software currently available for the IBM Personal Computer runs under PC-DOS. It’s IBM’s principal DOS for the Personal Computer.

Next, languages. Microsoft 16-bit Cassette BASIC is standard with the IBM Personal Computer. But Microsoft also provided 16-bit Disk BASIC, Advanced BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN, and utility software for the Personal Computer. For fun, we added the Microsoft™ Adventure game. For self-improvement…Typing Tutor.

Why Microsoft ? Microsoft virtually invented microcomputer software when we put BASIC on the first personal computer. Since then, we’ve developed a full range of languages, utilities and operating systems. Software that has become a standard for the 8-bit world. Software that is becoming the standard for the 16-bit world. That’s why the world’s leader in computer hardware came to Microsoft, the world’s leader in microcomputer software.

The old Microsoft logo in 1982
It was fun to see the old Microsoft.

MS-DOS and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft. Inc. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines. Corp.




Source : PC MAGAZINE Feb 1982



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