OG wins The Dota 2 The International 2018 against PSG LGD

What tournament! The OG team wins this year’s The Internationnal 2018 trophy by having fought until the last match with spectacular returns against the PSG LGD team!

The international 2018 !
The international 2018 is currently the largest E-Sport competition in the world organized by Valve.

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The new Revision 2018 – Modern Graphics gallery is available!

A new demoscene gallery on the Revision party 2018 competition is available in the gallery of the site!
You can find the 10 compositions modern graphics by following the link below:


Visit the gallery !
A new gallery of graphics from the Revision Party 2018 !

The New EISA Standard : Did IBM Miss the Bus ?

Is combining the best ideas from existing bus designs with a number of original and clever features the way to derive a new personal computer bus standard? That’s the question that has been facing EISA, the now-familiar acronym for Expanded Industry Standard Architecture.

EISA Connectors on Motherboard
EISA Connectors are in the top-right of this mother board

The goal, announced on September 13, 1988, was to design a 32-bit successor to the AT bus (which EISA’s designers call “Industry Standard Architecture” or ISA) that also remained compatible with it. The reality of EISA, now finally here in the form of some very powerful desktop computers, shows that the new standard goes far beyond merely specifying how to add 16 new data lines to the AT bus. By borrowing the best ideas from other bus designs—features such as bus mastering, automated setup, and interrupt sharing— and then incorporating its own new data transfer modes, EISA has become a powerful and useful expansion design.

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The Real-world Problems With Unix

In my last column I identified some of the obstacles standing in the way of OS/2’s acceptance and recommended that both Microsoft and IBM do more to remove them. Without their action, I suggested, it is possible that OS/2 will not be successful.

Unix Operating System
Unix isn’t quite the standard it’s made out to be. That’s a big advantage for OS/2.

Clearly, if Microsoft and IBM fail to establish OS/2 as the heir to DOS for office systems, Unix will be the primary beneficiary. Worsening prospects for OS/2 translate into better prospects for Unix.

But don’t chill the champagne for Unix’s victory celebration just yet: as an operating system standard for office desktop PCs, Unix has problems of its own.

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The Intel processor 80786 for year 2000

According to Intel, the 80786 will be released around the year 2000, and do 2 billion instructions per second. Hang on!
Chip Wars Heat Up Dept.

Intel, Intel, Intel. That’s all we hear about. What’s the latest?

Intel processor 80786
An image to imagine the future Intel processor 80786 for the year 2000 at 250 Mhz !!!!

Lots! First of all, apparently the company is concerned about the latest kink in its armor: add-in math coprocessors made by other manufacturers. Weitek started the trend, but for the last year a slew of upstarts have announced 80287 and 80387 substitutes. To counter this trend, Intel may ship a new version of the 386, which like the 486 will have the coprocessor on the same silicon. This will keep the price low and speed up the math processing. Some think Intel may even release a 386SX/M, which would be a 386SX with a built-in coprocessor. This maneuver will effectively stall the competitors and probably bury a few companies.

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Sharp PC-6220

The Sharp PC-6220
The Sharp PC-6220’s paper-white VGA display is backlit from a fluorescent source. Its 640 by 480 resolution and 16 shades of gray produce crisp text and smooth graphics.

Since NEC pioneered the notebook laptop with its 4.4-pound UltraLite, each successive notebook laptop has grown a bit larger, and usually a bit heavier, than the one before it. In a welcome change of pace, Sharp Electronics is breaking the trend with its own 4.4-pound laptop. Best of all, the Sharp PC-6220 matches both the compact dimensions of the UltraLite 1.4 by 11 by 8.5 (HWD) inches and the generous capabilities of the larger notebooks. It is also the first notebook laptop to sport a VGA display.

Scheduled to be available by the time you read this article, the PC-6220 will list at $3,995, a price that includes a 12-MHz 80C286 processor, 1MB RAM, and a 20MB hard disk. Like the UltraLite and the larger Toshiba T1000XE and T1200XE, the PC-6220 sacrifices the convenience of a floppy drive to help keep its size to a minimum. With 20MB of truly nonvolatile storage and a self-cloning version of Traveling Software’s LapLink in ROM, however, the lack of a built-in floppy drive should not be a major problem for most users.

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NEC ProSpeed™ 386SX

Here’s the portable versatility you must have to maintain your corporate computing environment wherever you are. Because in the office or on the road, the ProSpeed™ 386SX offers you all the battery-operated connectivity and communications options you need.

NEC ProSpeed 386 SX
NEC ProSpeed 386 SX commercial Ad in press

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The Multimedia in the future

Multimedia is more than just presentations. It’s destined to revolutionize business communications.

PC Magazine runs on electronic mail. Overall, we think we’re pretty sophisticated, whizzing our messages around the office and around the country. We use hard copy postal delivery, e-mail to fax links, and attached binary files.

I’ve been one of MCI Mail’s biggest boosters, proselytizing to just about anyone who would listen. My latest victim was Glynis Gibson, the corporate communications director of Chicago’s hot new laptop start-up, Airis. I gave her the full demo, including my boast that most of the key communications in our organization happen via e-mail. I could tell she wanted to be positive about her reaction, but truth won out.

The Commodore AMIGA CDTV was a nice multimedia computer.

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Panasonic Business Partner CF-150B: No-Frills Laptop Features Bright Screen

Panasonic Business Partner CF-150B
Panasonic’s Business Partner brings a bright CGA screen to the low-end notebook PC market.

You’re probably more familiar with Panasonic clock radios and televisions than the company’s personal computers. After successfully penetrating the dot matrix printer market, Panasonic has now set its sights on PCs, and the $1,149 CF-150B Business Partner is the first small step.

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New IBM PS/2s Emphasize SCSI Mass Storage

IBM PS2s Emphasize
IBM’s PS/2 model 65SX has parallel, serial, and mouse ports on the motherboard, along with floppy and VGA controllers.

The machines are the message, and the new PS/2s from IBM state their claim loud and clear: PCs and particularly network servers don’t need microprocessors quick enough to charge the air with brimstone to get the job done. IBM believes that faster storage is the point, and that’s the story hidden inside the latest versions of the IBM Model 80 and the new Model 65SX.

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Get a Hauppauge 386 Motherboard!

The old Hauppauge 386 Motherboard old commercial
Featuring up to 16 Megabytes of high speed RAM and a 387 math coprocessor socket, our MotherBoards can turbocharge your high-end desktop publishing, CAD, engineering and business applications. Running at 16 to 33MHz, you’ll reach speeds that will knock you off your rocker!

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Sharp’s New Thin Film Transistor Color Screen Nearing Mass Production.

Prototypes of a full-color laptop screen from Sharp are earning passing grades in their final tests, and by this time next year, you’ll probably be able to buy a portable with color nearly as good as a VGA CRT monitor.When this column looked at color laptop research over a year ago (February 14, 1989, issue), Sharp was exploring a double-super-twist LCD panel. That pretty much means they generated color by adding tinted filters to the basic super-twist LCD panel design.

Sharp’s Thin Film Transistor Color Screen
Sharp was exploring a double-super-twist LCD panel.

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Intel’s 80170 chip has the theoretical intelligence of a cockroach

While everyone worries about the next hot processor chip, a small team of  engineers at Intel invented the 80170, the world s fastest and most powerful neural network on a chip. In processing power, it is something of a breakthrough, having achieved the theoretical intelligence level of a cockroach—no kidding. While this invites images of the chip sneaking into the kitchen for a snack, the neural network community is giddy over this chip and its potential.

The Intel 80170 ETANN Neural Network Solution
A summary of an electrically trainable analog neural network (ETANN) chip. It can implement deep-learning convolutional neural networks.

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We’ve pulled the plug on 386SX technology

The top of a desk is no longer the only place 386-based computing gets done. That’s because we’ve come up with a battery-powered alternative that works anywhere. It’s known simply as the T3100SX.

The T3100SX’s slim case
Since the T3100SX is battery operated, you can utilize powerful 386 applications anywhere you choose.

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